DAY 17 8-29-2011 We woke up on time and went to breakfast. from there we all then hopped into the shuttle the hotel provided and made our way to the airport. along the way we passed a sign that said the wrong name of the airport and that scared us. because we were already cutting it a little close. the flight left at 11 am and we had left the hotel at 9 am. so we wouldn't have had time to go to look for another airport if the one we went to was not the correct one. we made it to the correct airport. and the first thing that we did was go through security. this was very pain less. Then we got our tickets we made after that we went to our gate where we had to go through security again. It was a little longer getting back to the United States then getting to Turkey. It was one hour longer making it an eleven hour flight. I watched a few movies, and read several book. once we landed we made our way though customs. Which was fine we had an hour and a half to get to our other flight. We took the metro to the other terminal and from there we went back through security. This security line was the most painful. we stood in line for ever and it took them four minutes to scan one bag. so it was completely congested. By the time we finished security we had to run to our last flight from Chicago to Michigan. but by the time we got there our plane had already left and we were stuck up a creek. we talked with the front desk lady and she told us that we could split up, four go directly to flint, and the last two go to kalamazoo. at first we didn't want to do this but we realized that we would have to wait several days to get a flight we would all fit in. So my mom and my grandma and two of my sisters went directly to Flint. There they would pick up the luggage and go home. my sister and I took the flight to kalamazoo. We rushed to get to the gate because it was at the opposite end of the terminal. once we got there we realized that we had an hour and forty five minutes before our plane would get there. my sister fell asleep and I had to strain in order to stay awake but we made it on the plan and the flight to Kalamazoo was only 40 mins. After that we were picked up at the airport and made the long ride by car back home. It was good to be home again.

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