Day 16 8-28-2011 We woke up very late our plans was to go to the grand bazaar it turned out that the bazar was closed on Sunday so we walked around the local shops. We them walked to the archaeological museum until. There were many amazing status there but we were not allowed to take photos in that section and we were in a big hurry. We rushed back to our hotel and then took a shuttle to our Turkish bath. When we first walked in I though this isn't so hot. But it turned out that the first. Room we walked into was the cooling off room. Then we walked into the sauna where here we all stared to sweet. After 40 min of sweating we we them taken to where they washed us. First they scrubbed us with a wirery bush then we made our way to the cooling room where there we had an orange juice and relaxed. We met a man who thought at I was from Hawaii The we went back to our hotel where we packed our bags and prepared to make our way back home.

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