Day 15 Today we went around every where. The day stared off what I thought was late until I looked at my watch and I realized that is was only 8 am(so much for sleeping in) we ate breakfast above the city looking out onto the blue Mosque. The first place that we went to was the was the ky ky church, there we received some very sore necks from looking up at the mosaics. They were extremely intricate and beautiful. The entire church demonstrated the life of Jesus from his birth to his death. After the church we went to the the Mosque of Sully. When we got there we were not allowed to go inside while they were praying. So we waited out side and sat on the grass. Once we were inside we looked around and we were able to see the sea from out side the window. Then we went to and walked around the outside of the building and we started our walk to the spice market. We made it to the spice market and there we were able to eat some food. It took one step in them we turned to the left and there was out restaurant that we were looking for. They had the best wine leaves and the rice was fantastics was well as the peas. At the end of the meal I had a Turkish coffee. Half of it was the liquid coffee. And the other half was the grinds. Which was very strong. We then continued down the market looking at all the spices until we came to the end. We walked out a little bit and there was the coffee HQ we waited in line and as we walk past the line there were signs telling how much the coffee was by sign. It was all very quick. You just hand them the money then they give you the appropriate size of coffee. This we gave the 5 and got a small bag. So we gave them another. Sow now we have two small bags. Then we made our way across the Bosporus bridge and watch the boats pass as the sun began set. Then we took a taxi back to out hotel.

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