Day 14 8-26-2011 woke up late ate breakfast left hotel and we checked into our new hotel which is in the old town. here we are staying inside a 16 room bed a breakfast. it is very nice and we then went to the underwater aqueducts there we ran into some of the people that had when on our tour with us. Then we ate (and I was starving) and we came back to our hotel where I took a little rest. Then we went to the EYE OF SOPHIA and once we got there it was close to being empty. the sun was setting through the windows. After we came back we went to the roof our hour new hotel where we met a very nice barmen who studied programing (so we had a lot in common) I played chess against my sister we drank apple tea an looked out onto the Blue Mosque during the night sky. After we finished our tea we went to the store and I picked up some fruit and nuts for a light dinner. As we left the store my mom and grandma and I walked around a little bit. we went into the park in front of the blue Mosque and we saw hug crowds of people walking around laying on the grass and selling food. some were selling popcorn. others were selling gozleme that they were making right there on the spot in there portable grill. we came back to our hotel and I had my dinner which was very nice and now I'm looking forward to tomorrow. there might be a turkish bath!

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