Day 9 8-21-2011 today was a rest day, i slept in late and woke up at 8:30. then I went to the ocean. there we look at the sea. it was calm and we decided that we would come back later. we made our way to the museum and there we saw all the statues it was very thrilling seeing all the gods and goddesses from ancient mythology. after the museum we went back to our hotel and then to the Mediterranean sea. There we went in the water but it was extreme rough. There was a ladder that we had to climb down but we could not leave it Because the water would crash us into the rock. so we took photos of the rocks and under water. The under water photos did not come out so well. then we ate and I took 30 min exposures of the night sky. but it was too difficult because the the light from the building in front of us was rotating around and reflecting light into the lens creating very bright glare.

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