Day 8 8-20-2011 The Day started of a little later then normal. We had a long bus ride leaving Anatolia. our first stop was at a gas station. There we picked up some crystallized pineapple and a variety of nuts. I Also went to the back of the station and took some photos of the mountains in the distance. there were also two dogs. At first the german Shepard was not happy to see me. but after a couple of moment it relaxed and let me get closer to it. A couple hours later we made our stop to pick up our food. we went to a tent. that was an original nomad style tent and there they made our food called 'Gozleme '. Gozleme is a sandwich made from flower dough that has been rolled very thinly, almost like a flower tortilla. then they put cheese usually a blue salty cheese, spinach and potato. These sandwiches are absolutely amazing. Another couple of hours later we stopped at a restaurant. there we dropped every one else off who wasn't coming on the tour with us then we went to the amphitheater. There we looked around. I noticed how the acoustics were still amazing even several thousands of years later. I walked up to the top of the theater and I could still here what people were saying who were standing on stage(and they were not shouting). It was an aggressive climb up. While climbing up I made it up like nothing, but on the way down my legs started to cramp. Of course they do it when I'm already at the top and have to make my way down. so going down was way more painful then going up. after the amphitheater we went to the ruins there we went to the ruins. by this time of the day the weather was extremely hot and there was not a cloud in sight. we made our way around the arena. then we went into one of the baths that was used to be a roman bath. They had a warm pool for opening the pore, then a cool room and a scrubbing room. As we continued to walk we saw the pillars and two of them had a carving of Apollo and Artemis. after our journey we went to our hotel where I took photos of the sun as it set.

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