Day 7 Pots 8-19-2011 Our first stop of the day was a place that showed us how they used make pottery. Right as we entered the place one man told us how they make the pots as another worked with the clay. He showed us all a vase that had a circle hole in the middle, it looked like a donut on a stick to give you a picture. He told us that this was the most challenging thing to make. but the man working the clay was building it extremely fast and efficiently. he made the vase in only three pieces. after that we saw the plates that the made and they told us that for every ten they make, there may only be one that does not crack. this is for the bigger plates two or three feet in diameter. the smaller one survived better being 3 for every 10 made. After that they showed us how they painted on the plates. they said that some of their plates they use piece of wax paper and cut out the design. This they called seconds. when the artist creates by memory or their own design. This is called a first. because the first are the plates that are unique and the only one. There is not other like it. The seconds you can find duplicates from every were. We left the pottery to then take a long bus ride. On the way we stopped at another Dervish pit stop and this one was larger then the first one we went to. The insides were empty. There we looked around there were pigeons resting casting a silhouette image. After the Dervish hotel we went to the two Mosques that were turned into museums. the first one looked very new. This was mainly because of the shinny blue tiles. They it also had the Dervish burial. there was also some pottery on display and one of the things that they had was an multi pot/tube stand. I thought that it was amazing, and as it turned out it was used to hold the laps or candle for the ancients. The second one look much older it had bricks instead of tiles and was much darker but it also had more examples of the type of wooden doors that they had. this one was much shorter the the first the door made you feel like a giant The last but not least place we visited was the Rumi mausoleum and there we saw the most amazing Koran creations. There were also mannequin of the people of the time. with the Koran there was on display they had a little one all less then an inch the books was. it was in the shape of an octagon. the story behind this was: The man who created it spent so much time and effort to create it using a brush that was only one hair that by the time it was finished he went blind. After the Mausoleum we went to the hotel. There we rested and after a while we went up to eat. we ate on the roof and there I took some photos of the night life.

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