Day 5 Antalya 8-17-2011 We woke up a little later which i was glad of because I had stayed up late the night before taking photos of the night City. This capital city was very different from Istanbul, it seems much newer. We went to a museum and I took many photos of the artifacts that were there. then we rode the bus for along time and I took pictures of the country side. We ended up at a caravansary and I took many good photos of the building. Our guide told us how the dervish built these hotels that were free for every one. They built it the distance a camel could walk in the day time which was about 20 miles we saw the whirling dervish and there instruments were fascinating. they had a loot and what looked to be a harp that you could play in your lap. we ate at our hotel. "I know this is short, but it has to be. Were giving my sister a surprise birthday gift. it is a hot air ballon ride. but it starts at 4:30am (have to be there at 4:30, waking up at 3:30) I'll write more later. tomorrow

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