Day 4: Day of Bus 8-16-2011 I could barely wake up this morning. partly because I woke up ten minutes before the alarm then decided to go back asleep. so when the wake up call came it was difficult to re-wake up. We ate and boarded the bus As we drove we heard some interesting stories. The first was that there had been a lot of recent archeological activity in Turkey. The first was that they had found an Ax that had belong to humans over 5000,000 BCE. the other was that during that time (5,000 BCE) it was thought that the humans at the time were basic in social and a tribal culture, and it was thought that they might have believed in a female god but there was no proof. until recently Archeologist's have discovered a temple that is dated back to 500,000 BCE and they have also discovered that the temple was a temple for the Goddess. As it turns out Humans at that time were much more civilized then we thought. it turn out that they were not hanging out in a caves 7000 years ago. Then we heard about King Midas and the golden touch. we also heard how he was asked who was better at playing the flute a human flautist or Apollo the Greek God. and Midas said the Human Flautist. This made Apollo angry so they gave him long ears like a donkey. Midas could not bear to be seen this way so he stayed in his palace and stopped coming out. He showed his barber his problem and he made the barber swear never to tell an one. But the barber needed to tell some one what he had seen. It built up in him, until he thought of a solution. His solution was to yell into a well while no was around.So he went to the well outside of town and yelled "The King has the ears of an ASS!". Felling much better he left the well, but when he did the grass began to grow and as the wind blew through it the grass whispered "Midas has the ears of an Ass" and so the whole city found out that Midas had the ears of an as after these stories and several hours and two pit stops we made it to our first site. There we saw the tomb what was thought to be Midas. but it was too old so they think it might be his father. it was extremely cool inside, but it was not very dark. we went into the center of the mound that hid the treasure and the body. there we saw the wooden frame that was in the center of the room. The next place we went to was Ataturk Monument. After WWI turkey was to be divided between Italy and France. Italy wanted the Mediterranean side and France wanted Istanbul. the sultan agreed to give it to both the countries against the turks wishes. But Ataturk said that this was not a good option. A group that called them selves the young Turks started to rebel agents the sultan then the military started to listen to Ataturk because is was giving valuable advice and winning battles. so they made Ataturk the commander and chief. he fought the war for turkeys freedom and won it. After he did he started rebuilding turkey. he added schools for children, and started to build houses for the poor. He even started the sir name for families in turkey. before it was your first name and your fathers name. He changed so that every one could have there own name. the government told him that he would have the name Ataturk (meaning ancient turk, a complement) after we visited here we went to our hotel where I took night photos from the fourth floor.

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