Day Two: Topkapi (Didn't I introduce my self "I am a Theif... honest.") Today started out late from the get go. I received my wake up call and we went down to the hotel breakfast. by the time we got there we had an half hour to eat. Of course I remembered yesterdays breakfast so I loaded up on as much cheese, honey Dew and yogurt as I could. So I sat down and be gain to eat and right as I finished my last honey dew it was time to go. We were of in the buss with the rest of the group. The first place we went to was Topkapi palace. As we passed from the new town to the old town the guide told us that the reason why the sultans no longer used Topkapi palace was because after it was built the sultan at the time took a trip to France and he enjoyed the architecture so much that he wanted a new better palace so he had one built and moved out of Topkapi after that Topkapi palace was converted into an museum. Once we arrived we walked up through the long garden in to the palace square. Once inside we went into the treasury. There the first thing we saw was a plaque that said "It is I the sultan who filled this palace with gold so let it be my name that is placed here. If the next sultan fills this with copper then let it be his name that is placed here." they were not with out humor it seams. I also was able to see the sultans Dagger with giant emerald attached to the hilt and the sheath surrounded entirely by gold. The same dagger that was also featured in Topkapi the 1964 heist movie.(a pretty good movie) Then we went into Eye of Sophia (Hagia Sophia) it turns out that just by coming here to the eye of sophia we had entered three churches. The first one was destroyed by an earth quake, the second one by a fire and the third one is the the one standing here today. The first thing that hits you is the very disproportional heights. When you first walk in the door you see how tall and expansive the building is. but the lights are so low that it feels as though your about to brush up against the sealing. When you look up you find out that you are no where close to the sealing. so the entire time you feel very disoriented. We ate lunch, I had faba beans. it was good the restaurant was a cafeteria style cafe. It was all very pleasant. next we walked to the Hippodrome where they used to race horses but it is no longer there. the only things that remain of them are two monuments. one is a tall obelisk the other is a medium sized podium with a dome over it. The site that concluded our day trip was the Blue Mosque. We first entered the court yard. There the domes on top of the ceiling all lined up so it looked as though it was the latest in cake decoration. The outside was amazing. we stood in line for what felt like an long time and then we went took our shoes off and entered the blue Mosque. It was incredible. while I was taking photos there was a sermon going on and I did record some of the audio. I was finally able to use my tripod so i did get some very sharp and crisp photos. after the Blue Mosque we headed back to our hotel. At our hotel I spent my time backing up files. But time flew and it was time for my family and I to go to the traditional folk show. I was a little nervous at first because I wasn't sure if there was going to be a "pick a member from the crowd" routine but I forgot my fears. we sat down and the food started coming from every where and before we knew it the show had began.The First dancer was very good she did a belly dance routine, and then there was a group dance that occurred. Then the third dancer came on stage and did her thing but then paused. turned and pointed a finger at ME!!! (thats right audience interaction!) So she had me come up on stage and she started showing me some moves then I was suppose to mirror them back. Honestly I wasn't really nervous because there was no one I knew there (except my family) but they were horrified at the moves I was pulling off. So Look for me on youtube I'm probable under the dreadlocked Belly dancer or something. Then we made our return journey home. I'm looking forward to another early morning.

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